Monday, August 27, 2012

Republican Women For Obama

Four years is an eternity in politics. A lot can happen, and a lot has happened in these topsy turvy, divisive times. Isn't it good to know that there is a moderate choice running in this election? A man running for the people, not his pocket?

It's been a long, obstructionist four years, and very frustrating for Republicans. But now public sentiment has shifted, and many, many, many, many Republican women have been enlightened to the ideological divide that has nearly crippled this country and just about made contraceptives a thing of the past.

That's why we at The Mega Independent are here to bring you, as a public service, Republican Women for Obama. These are women just like you. Moderate. Thoughtful. Compassionate. Lifelong Republicans who are here to teach you that it's okay to vote with your heart. And to vote for Barack Obama.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Coming This November to a Theater Near You

A story of horror so terrifying, so bone-chilling, so coincidentally timed, it could only come from the amazing creative unbiased minds in Hollywood.

A tale of a crazed lunatic with a desire for power and greed so shocking, it will make your heart stop...

And there is nothing he won't do to quench his lust for evil...

If only there was some way you could keep him from obtaining his power. Then everything would be okay. Also you would no longer be a racist.

Opening in theaters on November 2nd and being broadcast on every network on November 5th.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ten Reasons Last Night's Walker Win in Wisconsin is a Major Victory For Obama

It's true that a Republican won last night in Wisconsin, but as you will see that is going to be very short-lived. Tuesday June 5th was actually a huge win for progressives all across the nation, spelling surefire supremacy for them and Obama in November, and we're about to show you why.
1. Most voters in Wisconsin exit polling said they would vote for Obama in November. "Most voters" is all Obama needs and he will therefore obviously win.

2. This was a referendum on the incumbent, and the incumbent won and won big. November is going to be a referendum on the incumbent. We expect to see similar pro-incumbent sentiment sweeping across the nation and propelling Obama to a huge Walker-like victory, even bigger than his 2008 margin over John McCain.

3. Walker has one fewer letter than Barrett. Obama has one fewer letter than Romney. Short Name Fever is sweeping across the nation and will certainly propel Obama to a massive mandate/victory in November. He should actually start with the Executive Ordering right now because this is already a mandate.

4. Scott Walker is a reformer. Obama is a reformer. Reformer Fever is clearly sweeping the nation and is going to give Obama a huge boost at the polls, carrying him to a trouncing of poor Mitt Romney. Romney should probably just give up now, make the phone call and concede defeat.

5. Polling shows that there are more Independents now than ever. This is a moderate nation. If an (R) won this one, that means that in the next one, it's the (D)'s turn. (R), (D), (R), (D), (R), (D). That's what makes America special. And moderate. Perhaps it's time to cancel the election.

6. This was a Recall Election and the voters rejected the idea of a recall, with most saying that recalls should not happen for just any reason, but rather only if the elected official has egregiously offended the law. Well, November is something of a "recall" for Obama, only happening because it's been four years. That is not a legitimate reason to have a recall, and voters said so. Obama will win and win big. Sure, voters in Wisconsin checked the box for Walker, but what they were really saying was "Let's make Obama president for life."

7. Yesterday, Walker collected more votes than his opponent and he won. In 2008, Obama collected more votes than his opponent and he also won. This shows how strong both men are, and how much the two of them have in common, electorally speaking. More Votes Than Your Opponent Fever is clearly sweeping the nation and should give Obama an easy win in November. Time to fire the Supreme Court and implement ObamaCare by executive fiat? Wisconsin says yes.

8. Scott Walker likes potato chips. Obama likes potato chips.

9. Yesterday's election was on a Tuesday. November's election will be on a Tuesday. Tuesday Election Fever is sweeping the nation and will propel Obama to an stunning conquest over Mitt Romney. Don't cry Mitt Romney, it will be okay when you lose.

10. Obama did not campaign for Barrett in Wisconsin, sending out only a token tweet. Voters therefore, by a margin of seven points, demonstrated their unblemished, feverish support for Obama by not voting for Barrett. This is perhaps the biggest electoral mandate Obama has yet received. Yes We Can.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Monday From The Mega Independent

Wow, can you believe it's Monday again already? The editors of The Mega Independent sure can't.

Don't get too down, though, because tomorrow is Tuesday, and then Wednesday and it's all downhill from there. As journalists, remember that we never sleep. Not even on weekends. We are always on guard, on a constant vigil, protecting you, the citizen, from tyranny by the 1%. By exposing information, presenting it fairly with a touch of Journalistic Justice, and keeping those in power honest.

Don't thank us. We feel it's our patriotic duty.

Happy Monday!

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