Friday, June 25, 2010

The Time For Financial Reform Is Now

Republicans in Washington are looking to keep the status quo and to protect their friends on Wall Street by blocking yet another stimulus bill designed to get our struggling economy moving in the right direction.

This is the sixth or seventh stimulus bill that this Congress has passed, and each time, Republicans with friends in high corporate places have attempted to either stop or slow down its progress.

"People are struggling", one Democratic Congressman remarked with a smile, "They are having a really hard time out there and they need us to take action", he said while wolfing down a twelve dollar sandwich.

"And now you can see the results of inaction," Obama said in a press conference in a mostly packed Wendy's filled with tens of people who couldn't wait to get a small glimpse of him. "It's been at least four weeks since Congress passed a 100 billion dollar stimulus, sorry, um err, jobs package, and look, people are still out of work, and the housing market is collapsing again. The failed policies of the last eight years have taken root again, only this time it is the failed non-policies of the last four weeks which have gotten us into this mess."

"Yes, I would like to see the economy better," commented Hector Valdez, a typical man on the street with an opinion.

I think we all would Hector. I think we all would. Well, except those Republicans. They just want the status quo. They are loving the recession. Us writing it is practically the same as them admitting it. They are loving the recession.

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