Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finally Something That Isn't Bush's Fault

Isn't it refreshing. After 26 months in office, finally something has happened that is not the fault of George W. Bush, the presidential predecessor who nearly wrecked the entire world and couldn't get Bin Laden.

The assassination of Osama Bin Laden is so precisely of Barack Obama's doing that to argue otherwise would be positively insane. You know, sort of like asking to see Obama's birth certificate. Har har har. Stupid tea partiers. This is how a real president conducts a war. The Republicans, were they not so closed-minded, could start learning some valuable lessons here.

Now, thankfully, we can get back to the tanking economy, streaking unemployment, and untenable food and gas prices which all still have absolutely nothing to do with Obama or the Democrats. Yes We Did!!!


  1. LOL

    Stupid Bush obviously didn't do anything to help build an infrastructure and strategies for anti-terrorism intelligence. All he did was finish reading a kid's book which showed he didn't even care!

  2. NoOne, I believe you speak for all readers of The Mega Independent when you say that Bush was an idiot and war criminal who was both ridiculously stupid and incredibly smart and cunning and also didn't try to get Bin Laden except on the day before the 2004 election.


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