Friday, June 29, 2012

Registration Required

Registration is required to view this content. *

* As the internet costs money to maintain, and also releases harmful Greenhouse Gases, The Mega Independent will no longer be freely available to read. We require that if you want to see the contents, you sign up and pay a $100 a month fee. You will then be a registered user.

If you do not want to register to see the content, we will assess a penalty of not more than $105 and not less than 10% of your monthly grocery bill for not reading. If 10% of your monthly grocery bill is higher than $105, you will have to pay an additional one-time Paradox Fee of $500.

Thank you for your cooperation, and for either reading or not reading The Mega Independent!!!! Your support is appreciated! And required.


  1. Is this registration fee a "penalty" or a "tax"? I ask because, to some dumb people in black robes, that is a REALLY IMPORTANT distinction.

  2. Whichever one you say it is, it's the opposite. Thanks for your cooperation.


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