Saturday, October 30, 2010

Institutional Racism Draws Mostly Whites to Stewart Rally

For those wingnuts out there complaining that the Stewart rally is all white, first of all, we just want to say that it's a comedy rally. Only racists like you would notice the colors of people at comedy rallies.

For years, Hispanics and blacks have been disenfranchised from comedy, so it comes as no surprise to the TMI staff that this rally, a comedy rally having nothing to do with politics at all, would be predominantly white. Maybe when hilariously funny African Americans and Hispanics are given a national platform to do their routines, will we start seeing black and Hispanic people more empowered to attend these rallies. Unlike the Tea Party, we do not fondly wish for the days of minstrel shows and Al Jolson singing "Mammy".

Until the day when, for example, Muslim comedians are given the same platform as everyone else, the structural racism inherent in the system created by the Founders will of course make rallies like this one appear to be relatively white.

The fact that this rally looks just as white as the Glenn Beck political rally a few weeks ago is just another in a long line of black marks on the Tea Party. Actually, it's probably a Tea Partier that came up with the term "black mark". From now on, to show our open-minded tolerance of all races and creeds, we'll refer to "black marks" as "marks of color".

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