Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Campaign 2010 - Number One Issue On Voters' Minds: What is "The Event"?

A new NBC poll released yesterday finds that most voters this year just want to know what The Event is.

Is it some kind of apocalypse? Alien contact? A time traveling, butt-kicking Hitler clone? Whatever it is, it's a rollercoaster thrillride of nonstop action, and that's apparently what's going to matter most when voters pull the lever this year.

Which party is going to deliver on said thrillride? Is it the boring Republicans and their constant whining about terrorism, debt and spending? Or is it the Democrats, who, should they be voted in for another two seasons, have lots and lots more adventure and suspense in store for the country?

Here is the top list of likely voter concerns, according the NBC poll, dated October 10th:
1. What is The Event
2. Lindsay Lohan
3. The Chilean Miner's Mistress
4. Taylor Swift's New Album
5. Shoes

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