Thursday, January 20, 2011

Green Recipe #156 - Lettuce Soup With Tabouli Curry Biscuit Infusion

Learn how to go green with The Mega Independent! This delectable meal starter is healthy for you and kind to the environment.
Lettuce Soup With Tabouli Curry Biscuit Infusion


1/2 cup tabouli
1 cup hemp milk
1 block soy cheese (finely grated)
1 head lettuce
2 tbs curry powder
1 sprig mint (for garnish)


1. Drop the head of lettuce into 8 cups of boiling water. After ten minutes, turn the flame off and allow to steep overnight.

2. In the morning, fish the lettuce out with a pair of lettuce tongs. Strain the broth into medium sized bowl. Set aside.

3. Place the cooked tabouli in another bowl and mix with curry powder. Mash.

4. Take the tabouli curry mix and press onto baking sheet. Flatten top with mallet.

5. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes until middle is crispy and top appears dark and inedible. Cool on wire rack and then slice into one inch squares.

6. Mix lettuce broth and hemp milk with hand blender until foamy. Add grated soy cheese and continue mixing on high speed until soup base is tender. Return to pan.

7. Simmer soup base over medium heat and when mixture begins to bubble, add the baked tabouli squares. Simmer for five more minutes for full flavor infusion.

Serve soup in a recyclable paper cup. Garnish with mint.
Happy being oh-so-kind to Mother Earth! She will return the favor by making the tornadoes smaller.


  1. I expect this delicious concoction to be standard fare within the year in the mess facilities of our gentler, kinder, organic infantry battalions. Here's hoping they can freeze dry it for insertion in the MRE packets as well, for what hungry field trooper wants to do without the well known strength & endurance building qualities of his beloved lettuce & tabouli soup?

    Bob Mack

  2. Mr. Mack, TMI loves to see its readers going green! We can all make a difference if we just care enough about the Earth!!!! As it happens, green is also the color of TMI's favorite religion!!! And what's more environmentally friendly than a cave!!!


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