Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Possible Police Brutality Suspected By Us In Slaying Of Earth-Friendly Eco-Warrior

James J. Lee was shot and killed on Wednesday by police in a complicated case filled with many confusing details.

The circumstances of the shooting are not 100% verified, and as is our policy, TMI will not discuss any circumstances that are not known to be absolutely true.

What is known is that Mr. Lee was a heartfelt fighter for environmental causes that were near and dear to him. Before he was shot dead, internet postings revealed him to be a lover of animals of all kinds, such as giraffes. He was against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and had strong opinions about pollution, and the path he wanted humans to take in their efforts to make the planet a better place. And don't we all.

Mr. Lee urged everyone to "find solutions for unemployment and housing", and in these tough economic times, that sounds like one heck of an idea. He also believed, strongly, that children are our future. He decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow. If he failed, if he succeeded, at least he lived how he believed. No matter what they take from him, they can't take away his dignity.

Alas, the greatest love of all did not happen to James J. Lee yesterday, as he was gunned down by a barrel of cold blue steel, in a case of possible misconduct that unfortunately raises more questions than it answers.

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