Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mega Independent Special Election Coverage:
The Mega Independent Endorses Martha Coakley

As part of our continuing unbiased coverage of all things political, the Mega Independent heartily endorses Martha Coakley in the special election for the Massachusetts seat owned by Ted Kennedy on January 19th.

The seat, which embodies Kennedy's bold independent pioneering will of open-handed bipartisanship, is waiting for someone to fill it who can bring to the table a similar moderate, go-anywhere spirit.

This special election isn't about left or right, it's about moving forward. And how can you move forward with a 59-41 split in Congress, a virtual stalemate? Are frozen unpassable bills what the founders had in mind when they created the legislative branch? Obviously not or they would have specified that they were making a branch of government where they didn't want anything to ever happen.

There's an old cliche in Washington - "Nothing good ever gets done unless you force it through behind closed doors in the dark of night with an overwhelming majority that nobody can stop". It is just this brash, self-reliant, not-beholden-to-any-special-interest enthusiasm that Washington needs, and that Martha Coakley embodies.

Martha Coakley's fundraiser last night, hosted by a diverse range of top health insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists, demonstrates a stout resolution of "working together" that America so desperately craves.

And who supports her opponent, Scott Brown? People with money, that's who. On Monday, Scott Brown initiated an online "money bomb" (note the threatening teabag terror language) where he claimed at the beginning of the day that he wanted to raise $500,000. Well, by the end of the day, he'd raised over $1,000,000, displaying both an obvious lack of foresight, poor judgment, and most of all, clumsy handling of all things monetary.

If you worked for some big financial company, and underestimated some future transaction by more than 100%, you would be out of a job right now. It's that simple. Is this the type of man you want voting for your thousand page bills?

Scott Brown will tell you that he is beholden to the special interests of the Founding Fathers. And he is. Provided they appear on spendable legal tender.

On Tuesday January 19th, you have a choice. Do you want someone in Washington who is going to do what she and the pharmaceutical industry know will make America awesome? Or do you want a me-me-me, go-getter in Washington, who is going to base all of his decisions on the money he can "bomb" for his next so-called "campaign"?

If you happen to be passing through Massachusetts on Tuesday, go to the nearest voting booth and vote Coakley. Then find another polling station and do it again. If you see someone at one of these precincts and they look like they might be voting for Scott Brown, casually brandish a night stick before they go inside and let them know that you know that they will "make the right choice". With any luck they'll get scared and call the police. By the time the law comes and sorts everything out, they might even forget that they didn't vote.

Please Note: The Mega Independent does not endorse violence or even the not-so-veiled threat of violence against anybody, especially if they agree with our deeply held core values. The threat of violence with a night stick is wrong and it is a choice you will have to make independently on your own, based on how much you happen to think somebody might disagree with you. The Mega Independent does not endorse the use of night sticks by civilians outside voting precincts, and at the bottom of this article, you will not see a list of places where you can find night sticks with donkey logos, in a variety of ultra-visible and mega-fashionable day-glo colors, in handy sizes that fit even the biggest, strongest, most menacing vote suppressing fists.

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