Saturday, January 9, 2010

We All Owe Harry Reid A Gigantic Apology

There's a new book coming out called "Game Change" in which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is quoted as saying that Barack Obama is a "light skinned" African-American "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one". A ridiculous stink has now been made about these comments.

It's obvious to any fair-minded or reasonable person what Harry Reid meant by what he said. When he said Obama was "light skinned African-American", he was obviously meaning that Obama was a "talented politician". And when he said "with no Negro dialect", he clearly meant "with several years of experience in the Senate". And finally, when Harry Reid said "unless he wanted to have one", he didn't specify what he meant by "one". Maybe he was talking about a burger, and saying Obama wasn't hungry. Maybe he was talking about a pony, and saying Obama was too grown up for one. Why do we need to make all these assumptions, cast aspersions and level attacks? What's with us these days? Why so partisan?

We owe Harry Reid an apology. Our push-button remote, X-Box 360, 24-hour blog, instant Twitter culture has gone crazy taking all kinds of words out of context and making big deals about them. How would you like it if someone suddenly made a big issue about something you said over a year ago and forced you to apologize?

You wouldn't. You wouldn't like it one single bit. Oooh... you said the word "African" in 2003. I guess that makes you a "racist" now. Let's build some gallows and hang you from them. Gee... I really hope you didn't ever say that somebody "wanted to have one". That's so prejudiced and controversial. And just imagine if you said he or she "wanted to have two"? That's doubly prejudiced. Wow. You ought to be fired and go to jail for saying people "want" things. That's apparently a capital offense now.

The bottom line is the real victim in all this isn't Obama or you or me. It's Harry Reid. The man just wants healthcare for everybody, taxes on greedy rich people and an end to America's policy of "dirty energy" and now everyone wants to get all over his case because he accidentally used the spanish word for "black"? Well excuse the man for being multi-lingual. Americans could learn a thing or two about knowing languages besides english. Did you know that most people in other developed cultures speak at least two languages?

And if "dialect" is such a terrible word, then I guess that means that all linguists are racists, too? They use the word "dialect" all the time. How come we're not forcing them to apologize?

I guarantee you that if Harry Reid was talking about a white person and said something completely different, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Say instead of saying "Barack Obama is a light skinned African-American with no negro dialect unless he wants to have one", Senator Reid said that "Meryl Streep is a fine actress who has won many awards and is starring in several upcoming movies", nobody would have batted an eye. Nobody. The hypocrisy and double standards here are as indisputable as they are disgusting.

If you have any moral values left at all, you will draw a picture of Harry Reid on a piece of paper and apologize to it right now. And just in case you cannot draw, we have provided a picture of Harry Reid below for you to apologize to. Turning away without doing so would make you an animal of the lowest possible phylum.

You should be thoroughly ashamed for what you have done to Harry Reid. That's if you're even capable of shame anymore.

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