Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Obama Must Do Now

Scott Brown has been elected to the Senate. Ted Kennedy's seat is filled. About 135,000 registered Democrats voted for him, in the bluest of blue states. The people of Massachusetts have spoken. They have sent a message loud and clear to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. And that message is...

"You need to do more stuff."

If more stuff had been done by January 19th, there is no doubt that Martha Coakley would be Senator right now, and the Democrats' filibuster proof majority would remain in tact. The people in this country are angry. And not just teabagger extremists, either. But real people. They're angry and they have spoken. They've said their piece. They want healthcare reform. They want cap and trade. They want amnesty for undocumented immigrant workers. They want it all. But they want it yesterday.

"You didn't tax and spend fast enough for us, President Obama. And this is your punishment."

Unemployment remains over 10%. The misery index is rising. That's all a remnant from the Bush era, and the people of Massachusetts know it. They can feel it in their voting bones. And they've let everybody know that they know that it's time for Obama to act. The time for talk is over. Talk is cheap. And actions speak louder than words.

"Your agenda is perfect, Democrats. We love you. Here's our wallet and our credit cards. And here's the money we set aside for our children's education. Take it. Take their children's money, too. Because you're smarter than us and you'll know what to do with it. Please, just don't hurt us. We won't call the police. We won't tell anyone what you look like. Take it all and just let us go. Please."

This wasn't a vote for Scott Brown or against Martha Coakley. It was a vote against the status quo of 40 obstructionist Republicans in the Senate. For 12 months, we've heard nothing but excuses from the Republicans. "Wah, executive power. Wah, the Democrats can do whatever they want. Wah, an 80 vote majority in the House, and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Wah, wah, wah, we're the party of no and we want Obama to fail. Well, now Massachusetts has said, "okay, here's your 41st Republican... now what are you gonna do, Republicans?"

All the excuses the Republicans have been making toward stopping real positive progressive change are gone, just like that. And as Scott Brown gasses up his truck and heads toward Washington D.C., the Republicans there this morning are all no doubt shaking in their collective filibustering boots.

Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, or an Independent like us, this vote was obviously a double down on the Hope that was commanded by the people in 2008. "Work faster, Mr. President. Work harder. Work smarter. Work better. Give Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid more power to get things done. Do your backroom deals with more gusto. Don't just spend a little bit of our money, spend it all. Spend it all on things we all believe in. Lie to us, but really believe your lies this time. Change."

Massachusetts has spoken. Are you listening, Mr. President?

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