Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Was the Alabama Professor a Tea Partier?

Amy Bishop has been accused of killing three colleagues with a gun. And now a "photo" has surfaced here at The Mega Independent which brings up troubling new questions. Below is her mug shot, and beneath that, a "photo" that may depict her at a so-called "Tea Party" gathering in Washington DC.

Now, we at the Mega Independent cannot be positive as to what date the "photo" is from, or if there was a Tea Party going on that day, or even if the "photo" may have been doctored slightly, with the sign added hastily for mega effect, and our "artists" too lazy to even come up with a decent daytime shot of the Capitol Building as a backdrop.

But just the fact that we're floating the whole idea of Amy Bishop being a Tea Partier without any real proof or checking our facts, and even by brazenly manufacturing things whole cloth when possible, does bring up some troubling new questions about the Tea Parties, doesn't it?

Our headline is troubling. The questions are troubling. The word "troubling" is troubling. The whole thing is very troubling. Watch out for tea partiers.

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