Saturday, February 6, 2010

Global Warming Causing Record Snowmelt

An incredible amount of snowmelt across the continental U.S. this winter is being blamed on rising global temperatures.

In the past two months, the country has been slammed with brutal dripping, flooding and icicling, and scientists are pinning it directly on excess carbon output. As one climatologist from UC Berkeley explains, "Instead of sitting on the ground like normal snow, this snow is being bombarded sometimes with above freezing temperatures, causing record havoc".

In a perfect world, snow will sit on the ground for days and days, slowly sublimating into the atmosphere as harmless water vapor. But increased temperatures are being blamed for causing much of this winter's snow to bypass the sublimation process, and turn into deadly liquid snow.

"Unlike regular snow, liquid snow doesn't stay in one place," explains Vishnu Mrkaman, a climate scientist from Great Britain, "it can move around and cause great amounts of unpredictable damage. In a winter such as this one, which has the potential for lots and lots of liquid ground snow, Global Warming is an even bigger danger than ever."

Until we do something to stop the bleeding economically, snowmelt is just one more Climate Change force we all must reckon with.

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