Friday, August 27, 2010

Puzzle Time

Now it is time to give a small quiz to our amazingly informed readers.

The two pictures below appear identical. But they are not! Study the two pictures carefully for at least ten minutes and then see if you can spot all the differences.

Happy Hunting! Answers Below!

The Differences

Family #1 lives in a society filled with all the familiar ills of the modern day. The mom and dad go to work for selfish corporations, and ride around in air-polluting automobiles. The automobiles run on oil that is stained with the blood of the robotic pawns of the military-industrial complex.

At night, the family uses heat and light to comfort themselves, blissfully unaware of their vapid, parasitic nature. The climate is unpredictable and ever changing. It is a world of imminent doom, for their false, plasticine smiles will abate when they realize what they have done to Mother Gaia. By then it will be too late, as She will be very angry, and may send storms.

Only then will they repent to the Environment and beg for mercy, but Gaia only loves you when you love her. The pain they will be dealt will be as uncaring and unfeeling as the 9 to 5 "jobs" the two parents "do" to "support" their "family".

Family #2, on the other hand, is living in a world of social and ecological justice where no one suffers from the climate, and everyone is equally happy.

The exact temperature is always predictable and no cutesy animals are ever in danger of extinction! There is no industry, no oil, no jobs, and no evil greedy companies doing business anywhere.

The food is grown in the garden, the bowls are handcrafted from ceramic. The ceramic is made by cooking dirt from the backyard in the family kiln and then painted with all natural color (brown) painlessly extracted from the shells of the friendly free range Indonesian Dung Beetles they loosely keep as pets.

The family kiln is made only from twigs and leaves and uses the sun as its heat source. This technique was taught to them by a Cherokee family who lives next door in a permanent state of peace and harmony.

Unlike Family #1, who gets their clothes through rampant consumerism, Family #2's clothes are manufactured and cleaned by the government. The outfits you see here are "Monday". At clothing pick-up time, each family member is examined by government physicians for conditions which may prove an unnecessary burden to the collective.

The happiness on Family #2's faces is genuine, for these people have sacrificed long and hard for their government and their Gaia, and finally after a long period of suffering, utopia has arrived! No workers were exploited in the production of this picture!
Key: Give yourself a point for every difference you spotted. Then send in your score to TMI. When we have received replies from every reader, the total number of points will be added together and then divided by the total number of replies. This new average will be sent back to you individually, and that will be your final score. If it is more than your original score, then congratulations on your promotion! If it is less than your original score, then congratulations on your sacrifice!

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