Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Blow to Big Racism: Health Reform Bill Passes Cloture

The Health Reform bill got one step closer to passage late Sunday night in a deathblow to Big Racism. Now black people and other minorities that racists hate can finally get the health care they deserve without racist racists there to stop them.

Despite months of cross burning and public lynchings by angry mobs, the Senate Democrats braved everything at 1AM to do what is necessary to care deeply for the victims of racism. The Independent talked to some people on the street to get their thoughts.

John Jackson, a self-identified conservative remarked, "I hate this bill. It seems like a power grab for the political elite. Oh and by the way black people are bad."

Jim Hudson, another self-identified conservative who voted for John McCain and likes Sarah Palin said, "It's over 2,000 pages long and nobody has even read it yet. Where's the transparency? Also people with darker skin than mine should go back to where they came from."

And Ron Freeman, a black Republican who sells his people out daily and should probably go lighten his skin like Michael Jackson did said, "This bill is too expensive and isn't going to help anyone. I wish they would just start over. And, oh yeah, race traitors rule."

But we cannot stop. Big Racism is already looking for other ways to persecute minorities, such as denying Global Warming, complaining about joblessness, and saying that they "don't approve" of Barack Obama's policies. Some of the code phrases they are now employing are "he's way too liberal", "I think he should really slow down and see what the people want" and "why is Congress doing all this stuff in the dark of night?"

See? Dark. You can't make this stuff up.

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