Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Independent's 100 Most Beautiful Women

The annual survey of our independent, unbiased readers has once again revealed the most aesthetically pleasing women in the world. Many thanks to all who voted, and to the community organizers on the ground who helped GOTV.

From those luscious near-perfect lips, to the supple cheeks, to the eyebrows shaped by mother nature's elusive protractor, there was little room for doubt in the Mega Independent Newsroom about the ability of our readers to spot classic allure. We are happy to announce that the winner for the second straight year, and still the proud holder of the title of the most beautiful woman in America, is the ultra-ravishing Nancy Pelosi.

Here is where we would normally list the other 99 gorgeous beauties, but from scrumptious Joy and delicious Janeane all the way to the mouth-watering Whoopi and dreamy Maureen, they all know there can only be one true queen. You simply don't call yourself a red blooded American male unless that gavel makes you weak in the knees. Congratulations again to Queen Speaker. And, by the way, you can stop drooling now, fellas!

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