Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Independent Investigates:
Rooting Through Sarah Palin's Garbage - Day 23

Everybody has some garbage occasionally. But nobody does garbage quite like the Palins. Their cans are absolutely full of it. Just bags and bags and bags of unwanted smelly remains. We're talking about stuff a normal person would hardly want to touch, let alone eat.

This is the third week of our Mega Working For You Investigation, and it's the third week that the Palins rolled their stench-filled waste out into the street to be picked up by some government worker.

That's right... Miss I'm Against Socialism doesn't mind the government going around and collecting her fetid waste and other assorted junk discarded by her family. Maybe when she gets finished flying around the country on her "bus" tour, she could direct us to the line in the Constitution about dumping her filthy leftovers into a giant automatic truck?

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