Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quiz: Are you Guilty of Profiling?

Racism, prejudice and profiling have no place in civilized society. Take this short quiz to determine if you are guilty of profiling.

1. A bank robber ends up in a chase and successfully evades seven cops, sometimes approaching speeds of up to 130 MPH, and making a clean getaway. Which vehicle do you think he most likely used?

2. You are out shopping and need to pick up some tools at a hardware store. Which of the following establishments would you choose to go in?

3. Which of these colors most looks like the color blue to you?

4. You are a security screener at a major complex. You receive reliable advance intelligence from your superiors that someone who looks like Oprah Winfrey is carrying a bomb. You only have time to screen one person. Which of the following people do you screen?

5. 2 + 2 =

I answered...

Mostly A: Congratulations. You are not guilty of profiling and can sleep peacefully at night knowing you are a fair and open minded individual who believes in social justice and universal compassion.

Mostly B: You aren't guilty of profiling, either. Nor are you responsible for the plight of the Indians, the Eskimos or any other oppressed peoples throughout the world.

Mostly C: You are a profiler and a black mark on society. Your bias and prejudice knows few limitations. Take a good look in the mirror sometime and marvel at the face of hate. Then die.

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