Thursday, December 24, 2009

Global Warming Study Causes Global Warming

A Global Warming study out of Columbia University has determined that it is causing Global Warming.

The five plus year study, which began in 2004, has involved no people and hasn't done anything, but given the steady incline in worldwide temperatures, scientists have concluded that the study is in fact contributing to Global Warming.

Plans to continue the study are under review, but there are fears that the reviewing of those plans is also causing Global Warming. An alternative proposition to discontinue the study has been considered, but scientists fear that any interruption to the study will lead to a further increase in global temperatures.

Dr. Jezev Venonja, a Doctor of Climatology at the Independent Earth Temperature Increase Institute, says that this effect, which he calls "study paralysis", is also believed to contribute heavily to warming, and says that a decision should be made quickly. "But not too quickly," he added with a smile, "as that will also cause some warming."

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