Sunday, December 13, 2009

Continuing Tea Party Coverage

The weather has gotten much colder, and a photo of the 9/12/09 Teabag March on Washington has finally surfaced.

As you already know from what you've heard about the Tea Parties, a bunch of racists descended on our capital to make their voices heard in the name of white power, individual white freedom and the suppression of every other color's basic rights. And women. Their basic rights. I attended this party as an objective reporter and interviewed everybody there. And the adjective I definitely would most use to describe these so-called party goers is, "klanlike". The only thing missing was a giant sheet.

In the aerial panorama above, you can clearly see the extent of the protest from this stuck-in-the-1800's radical fringe minority. There wasn't really enough of them (I count eight) to generate any arrests or make any kind of actual difference to the legislative justice being dealt out compassionately by our fair and wise Congress, but as always, bringing you both sides of the story equally is what matters.

We strive for accuracy here at The Independent. If you can see more than eight people in this photograph (say, for example, nine), please write to us and we will correct this factual error.

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